I am a big, bright, shining star.

Anais Mitchell


Everybody knows you.
I wanna know you:

how you roll like the rolling waters,
you rise like the bright morning stars,
you go fast like the freight train,
goin’ so fast, and I don’t even know who you are.
But I would not disappoint you
if you let me kiss your mouth,
if you let me get to the bottom of you,
if you let me find you out.


i feel like i can’t go anywhere anymore without people soothsaying my downfall. even the cashier at taco bell was all “the flock of crows taken to following you portent a disastrous and blah blah fucking blah,” i get it, i’m about to undergo a storm of tribulation, what frickin ever 

and then I think of the night,
and I feel like weeping
weeping for my life

just signed into an apparently ancient noodlebib account and found a project from seventh fucking grade entitled “truman capote report” from 2006

the internet is truly forever